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Hockey: A Game in Crisis, Part 1

We are providing these long forgotten articles as resources to all. It is a long series, 12 parts in all, but well worth the read. It was all put together by William Houston of the Globe as he examined the state of hockey in Canada following the traumatic loss in the Olympic Games and a last-place finish at the world junior championship. Happy reading!


A Game In Crisis, Part 1
Saturday, April 4, 1998

Choosing the Right Team

Whether you’re a rec hockey player, in youth athletics, going to college, or becoming a free agent in a professional league, you typically have the freedom to choose the right team where exactly you want to play. And that’s a pretty major decision.

Remember, where you play isn’t just about the actual location. The decision you make must also take into account the actual club/team/organization that you’re about to become a part of: How do you fit into the scheme and culture? How do you mesh with the guys on the team or coaches? Is there good leadership in place?

Choosing the Best Hockey Camp for Your Player

When bombarded with information about off-season hockey camps, it’s easy to feel panic and think, “If I don’t get organized, get him signed up—and pay!—for these camps today, I’m holding him back!” Dreams of the NHL, the college scholarship or maybe just an A team fizzle before your eyes as you contemplate putting your tax refund toward more hockey. How do you evaluate all the information and decide what’s right for your player? We asked Angelo Ricci, a skills and stickhandling coach with more than 20 years experience, for help.

According to Ricci:

Why College Hockey?

For more than 100 years, college hockey has been a breeding ground for outstanding hockey players and people. Today college hockey players make a bigger impact in the NHL than they ever have, with more than 30% of the league in 2011-12 coming from the U.S. college ranks.

NCAA hockey is made up 59 member schools across six conferences: Atlantic Hockey, Big
Ten, ECAC Hockey, Hockey East, NCHC and the WCHA. The member teams range as far west as Alaska and as far south as Alabama.

There are a number of reasons to consider the college hockey path:

Preparing For Junior Hockey

I just posted a great article on the CCM Hockey Showcase website from Jason Power, acclaimed Goaltending instructor and Junior A Coach out of the St. Louis area, on how best to prepare for Junior A hockey. This is a must read for any young player looking to make that jump! Read it HERE!

Top 20, er 19... Tips For A Hockey Coach

1. The Multiple Roles of a Coach

Being well organized and prepared on game day is one of the keys to getting your players to do their best and have fun during games. Arrive at the arena well before game time. For safety, make sure you have your First Aid Kit and all its supplies. Ensure that your players have all equipment on properly and insist they complete a proper warm-up. Also make sure that referees, timekeepers, scorekeepers and other officials are present and ready to go.


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