Hi Mike, The Finland Lions Cup trip was awesome! Everything about it was well organized and well done! The food and accommodations were very good. The sightseeing and the KHL game were great! The Vierumaki Center was absolutely amazing!! Hats off to all if you for putting together an experience that will stay with us forever! Thank you all!!! Dave, Mary and Josh Greune

Forest Lake Lakers Jr. A, Raleigh, MN 

The boys really enjoyed USJPD!  I recognize the involvement and the time of all the coaches during games.   Even if they were not coaching a team, they were sitting in the stands watching.  It felt like they were all so dedicated and involved. Hope you know how much it is appreciated by the parents; especially going on week 2, YOU put in a lot of great energy and time! Thank you! It is a great program and the boys said they worked really hard. It was busy enough they felt like the 6 days, were three days…and went by so fast. Kyle will be back next summer for his 3rd year and most likely his friend, Aidan as well.

Ashburn Extreme parent, Fairfax, VA

I had a great time coming to the USJDP camp in Denver this summer. I had a great time learning from Coach Paris who I believe is one of the greatest coaches that I've worked with throughout my career. I met new people from across the country and throughout the world and made some good friendships. I also loved the hard work that we had topiut in... all drills to make us better players. The coaches all gave me good advice which helped me to develop as a player, and as a young adult.

L.A. Jr. Kings AAA

This is one of the top development camps in the U.S., hand's down!

Winnipeg Jets Pro Scout, NHL

Brookings Blizzzard Head Coach, NAHL